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We invest in Capital, Systems, Structure, Manpower & knowledge to handle the size and complexity of your business. We are unique because of our Centralized functions like Business Industrial Engineering, Business Inventory team, Business MIS team to take care of criticalities like Process Review and Upgradation, Packaging Design & Improvement, MIS Design to maintain focus and add definite value etc.

This allows us improved insight and quick closure to gaps to benefit you. We share the measurement information with our clients on a monthly basis. We understand the challenges are volume, SKU number and transaction skew, so we implement smarter warehouse layouts, team structures and productivity measurements for sustained efficiency.

Strengthened by the Central Overviewing teams, our processes consistently deliver inventory accuracy better than 99.95% by using checks at-every-level processes, bar-coding and by our Business Inventory Team driving Cycle Counts.

To sharpen your visibility, our Business MIS Team designs inventory and transaction reports aligned to your business processes through our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Our web based distribution tracking system (DTS) gives you pipeline visibility across modes and carriers.

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