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"Value addition" is the basis of any successful and sustained business relationship between two entities.

Spear offers innovative solutioning as one such value addition to our customers, where we contribute to our customer's value chain not only as a one-time value addition but of a continual nature due to Spear tradition of improving it, with time.

Apart from the best in class performance which is a trademark Spear service, a good example is the Spear "Business Industrial Engineering" (BIE) function which adds value to our customer businesses via innovative solutions upon and around their key W&D requirements of: Innovative Warehouse design to enable Higher thoughput at lesser costs. MHE and MSE selection to suit the Volume, flow (direction & magnitude) and cycle time metrics for Optimal Cost-Benefit ratio.

Distribution network design based on data analysis of our customer's transaction numbers.

Continuous Improvement - Spear BIE function does this as a 'birth principle' than a customer need / expectation / requirement.

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